This trip just a few minutes from our villa promises not only the delights of sun, swimming in the beautiful turquoise Ionian sea, but also the pleasures of traditional Greek hospitality and cuisine. Throughout the trip we were provided with refreshments; juicy watermelon/apple and the traditional Greek Riganada (a delicious combination of bread, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, and feta cheese)
together with chilled water / fruit juice.

Fancy a day at sea, swimming in the crystal-clear Ionian Seas and taking a trip to Ithica –
this is for you! The team at Zaharatos certainly looked after us & nothing was too much trouble.

Depart: 9am from Sami harbour (just outside Contessina restaurant) You need to get there at

Return: 16:30.

The Journey Begins: Sami to Pera Pigadi

After a short cruise, we reached the island of Pera Pigadi. This secluded paradise was perfect
for swimming. The crystal-clear waters invited us for a refreshing dip. The adventurous
amongst us jumped from the top deck, the less so from the lower deck and for those just
relaxing eased themselves in from ladders at the back of the boat. Whilst we basked in the
sun or explored the underwater beauty with a snorkel, a selection of refreshing treats were waiting for us once back on board.

A Swim at Filiatro

After Pera Pigadi, the boat set sail for our next destination: Filiatro. This beach was renowned
for its stunning natural beauty, with fine pebbles and clear blue waters perfectly framed by
lush greenery. Filiatro looked like it had been plucked from a postcard.

Here, we had another opportunity to swim and soak up the sun. Filiatro offered something for
everyone. The atmosphere was one of pure tranquillity, making it easy to forget the stresses
of everyday life.

Capturing Memories at Lazareto

Prior to arriving at Vathi we stopped at Lazareto, a tiny island located in the middle of Vathi’s
port. Despite its small size, Lazareto is steeped in history, the island once housed a quarantine
station and later a prison, but today it stood as a serene and beautiful spot, perfect for taking
stunning photographs.

Lunchtime in Vathi

A 90 minute stop at Vathi, the charming capital of Ithaka. Vathi is a picturesque town nestled
in a deep, horseshoe-shaped bay. Its colourful buildings and narrow streets exuded a timeless
charm, and it was easy to see why this town had been a favourite among sailors and travellers
for centuries.
Here you can grab some lunch / snack from one of the idyllic quayside tavernas, do a little sightseeing or wander the quaint lanes for some shopping.

The Grand Finale: Gidaki Beach

The last stop before returning to Sami was the most famous and beautiful beach of Ithaka,
Gidaki. Often described as one of the most breathtaking beaches in Greece, with its pristine
white pebbles, turquoise waters, and an unspoiled natural environment. The beach was
accessible only by boat or a challenging hike, which helped preserve its untouched beauty.

Returning to Sami

As the day drew to a close, the boat began its journey back to Sami. The return trip offered a
chance to relax on deck and reminisce about the highlights of the day with fellow passengers.
We were treated to a glass of Sangria and the tunes of Mamma Mia!