The Walnut Tree villa has the great advantage is being rural but NOT isolated.

Visible from the upstairs windows and a short drive away is the port town of Sami where you will find 3 supermarkets, a bank, the post office, tourist shops, butchers, a fruit and veg shop AND the Fish Market.

On the corner at the far end of the street behind the waterfront and very near the Port, Sami now has this amazing fish market.

Captain Andreas can offer his customers just about anything ‘fishy’ that they care to mention from smelt (little fish) up through anchovies, sardines for small fish to cook whole on the grill.

Then it is on to farmed (and so delicious) sea bass and bream with squid, octopus, large prawns, salmon as standards.  The next iced ‘bay’ holds the more exotic fish such as scorpion fish, a kind of lobster I had never encountered before, little cod, red mullet – and on it goes.

Every day something different and something for fish eaters/lovers to get their teeth into!

Below is the queue – get in line and delightful Sofia will help you decide.  Andreas will then clean your fish – and all is ready for the BBQ and your night ‘IN’ at The Walnut Tree villa.