Introducing Our Commitment To Sustainability.

Simply put, we all work hard and look forward to our much needed 2 weeks holiday in the sun. Therefore, and quite rightly, a commitment to sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions isn’t top of mind when we book our holiday, right?

However, we all know that travel has a direct impact on carbon emissions and the current climate challenge. As tress are the best way to lock away carbon we have pledged and executed on our goal to plant 5 trees for every completed booking of a week or more throughout 2023 & 2024 (unless you specifically ask us not to). By 2025 we will increase this pledge to plant 10 trees for a minimum 1 week stay, all complementary to our guests.

We standby our commitment to “do the right thing” and standing by our environmental pledges and moral obligations to be as sustainable as possible via a phased yet targeted approach. As such we have engaged with the Priceless Planet Coalition to make holidaying at the Walnut Tree Villa more sustainable.

The hot water system that you may just glimpse on the roof has always run on plentiful free solar energy. It has just been serviced, making it even more efficient at producing plentiful hot water for our guests, thereby reducing consumption of planet polluting fossil fuels.

We have virtually completed the changeover from incandescent bulbs to LED, thereby reducing wasted energy by up to 80%. Where LED bulb options are not available we have chosen to replace fixtures, where practical, to allow for a more sustainable solution to lighting.

Just as most UK councils do, we recycle green waste into compost; locally, at the far end of the garden (please no meat of fish, just fruit, tea, coffee and veg, etc.). Whilst not compulsory, you are welcome to participate if you also have a passion for sustainability, gardens, or just fancy a stroll to maintain your daily step count.

We are in discussion with local companies for options regarding installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage. This will further reduce environmental impact and make holidaying more sustainable for our guests, the island and planet.

Harvesting firewood for use on the BBQ and log burner during the winter season also helps out. By ensuring nothing is wasted we feel confident our environmental impact upon this beautiful island and planet are reduced to a bare minimum.

Did you know?

Every year throughout the winter months we harvest thousands of litres of natural rainwater from the roof and patio. This helps us to not only keep the pool topped up but to also irrigate the acre of garden & productive olive grove during the driest summer months when temperatures can push +40C.

Every autumn we apply a mulch over the garden to aid moisture retention and return essential nutrients to the soil. Apart from the log burners for warmth and BBQ for cooking we don’t burn waste but look for recycling or composting opportunities at every opportunity.