The Walnut Tree villa near Sami, Kefalonia has changed hands.

The Jefferies family, who rented the property in 2017, never quite forgot it.  Jackie and Richard who plan to make the villa a retreat for themselves and for their boys during their holiday time, but still intend to rent it out in high season.

Jackie and Richard approached us in the spring of 2022 and after some deep thought, we decided to sell The Walnut Tree.  It was time to hand over to younger hands.  Since then, we have taken the opportunity to buy an old village house in Karavomylos, the nearest village.  Kefalonia is still very much our ‘other life’ and we hope to keep it like that.

The Future

For past, present and future renters, the format will be the same.  The villa will be managed by Ace Properties (Caroline and Adrian Hill) and the bookings will be managed by Celia only for the 2023 season. This will give Jackie and Richard time to draw breath and get to grips with how The Walnut Tree villa works.  So, in many ways …  it is business as usual.

Message to Past Guests

For all our past Guests, we would like to extend warm greetings.  We send our thanks to you for encouraging (and enabling!) us to make The Walnut Tree what it is today.   For us of course this means the garden in particular.  Taking the garden from a brown field to a green haven has been endlessly fascinating and fun.   Learning to garden in a Mediterranean climate was a lot more complicated than these two arrogant Brits thought.  The lessons learnt are humbly appreciated – we aim to try again with just as much enthusiasm at our house in Karavomylos.

Garden at the Walnut Tree

Message to the Jefferies

May we wish the Jefferies family (Jackie, Richard, Lewis and Johnny) the best of times as ‘the people who live at The Walnut Tree’.  May it give every one of you as much or even more pleasure as it has given us over the last eighteen years.

Warm Thanks

We would like to send warm thanks to Spyros Dorizas for – first of all building The Walnut Tree – and then trusting us, guiding us, and befriending us.  Simply put…. without Spyros, The Walnut Tree villa would not ‘be’.

We would also like to send warm wishes to Gary and Elaine Roney who were so much part of the growing up of The Walnut Tree from very early days.

The Jefferies look forward to welcoming you to The Walnut Tree with the help of Caroline, Adrian and Emma.